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Thread: Mitsubishi shogun swb

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    Mitsubishi shogun swb


    Am on the look out for a injection pump for a shogun swb 3.2DID , has to be off a truck between the year 2000 - 2006 .

    If anyone know someone who has one or breaking a truck please give me a pm.


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    Have you posted anything up on POC?

    Have you considered a rebuild?


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    Google Mitsubishi Breakers West midlands?

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    I've found a company that recons the pumps in Bristol but it's 1650 + vat only payed 1800 for truck and already spent 1600 on it doing it up for shooting .

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    same happened with a 2003 plate i had cost 1950 fitted, might of been sales talk from the garage but they are a very specialist bit of kit, either bite the bullet and get it done or punt the car

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    Think I might just sell it on as parts but like I said there's bran new bf Goodrich mt tyres on it everything new on front joints . Absolutely mint the truck is.
    1650 sound a good price to sell

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    Try John Daunter in Parkend down in the forest.

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    Thank you pinguisgod I have just emailed them and had a look on web site. See he is breaking a few so fingers crossed .

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    It's a no go with pump not got any .


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