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Thread: Toyota hilux insurance

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    Toyota hilux insurance

    Looking to get a Toyota hilux invincible, so rang my current insurers Tescos and they want £925.++ extra to insure a 63 plate over my current vw caddy van, who do you guys recommend for insurance? Thanks Matt

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    I found Aviva the cheapest for the 1st year of insurance. the 2nd year they upped the anti by a considerable amount though.

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    A-Plan do a very good deal, assuming you have a clean license etc! £303 for my 14 plate hilux invincible 3.0
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    Go to Aviva on line. I have 2 Ford Rangers an 07 and a 13 reg insured by them on commercial use policies.
    Just had the renewal in £775 the pair.

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    Adrian Flux, I've got my Mazda BT50 insured for £450 with 5 years ncb.

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    Admiral wanted 500 quid for my bloomin astra with 8 years no claims ,Direct choice did it for 250 .Their part of Saga and yes im a nearly old fart
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    My L200 is with NFU not enamoured with them going up each year but they do cover you off road which is important for us.

    Last year ear unless it goes down next year though, could have feasibly got it for 250 less shopping about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tozzybum View Post
    Admiral wanted 500 quid for my bloomin astra with 8 years no claims ,Direct choice did it for 250 .Their part of Saga and yes im a nearly old fart
    I had my 3 litre ford ranger insured through Admiral when I bought my 3litre hilux they told me my insurer did not insure that type of vehicle and they had to find me a new insurer with a lot of extra cost

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    We use a broker called Ray Millard based in Dorset, my 3.0/15 plate invincible less than £300 (9 years no claims though)

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    I have a 12 plate hilux invincible and I'm insured with direct line, can't remember exact price but it's £300-£400 fully comp. Have to say they've been good to deal with.

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