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    Can anyone tell me what whistle is recommended for a black lab please and/or what whistles for other dogs please.


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    Alrigth chickman

    Not entirely sure i know wot u mean. Is it the pitch ie. 210-211.5 or the way u blow them for commands ie 1 peeeep for stop type thing.

    I'd say it doesn't really matter wot pitch off whistle u pick as long as u stick to it and the same for wot the commands are, really all personal preference and consistancy. The only thing is DON'T buy a silent whistle as u can't hear it youself so may blow wrong commands by mistake and not know why dog not responding (unless it's my dogs and the bloody things dont respond anyway)

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    Yes ...thats what I meant...what pitch....??.......cheers for that

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    I was told the other day that the 'norm' for labs is the 211.5 (spaniels is 210.5). However i use the 211.5 for my cocker because everyone else where i shoot uses the 210.5

    The whole numbers (210 and 211) have peas in them so dont give a 'pure' tone. No idea why that makes a difference though?

    Id go for the 211.5, it seems a bit louder which is useful when they are a bit further out on a retrieve


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