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Thread: One for those that say our shooting organisations do nothing

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    One for those that say our shooting organisations do nothing

    SACS are pleased to report that the case against a SACS member and terrierman has been brought to an end at Dundee Sheriff Court. The case was instigated by hunt saboteurs and the terrierman was supported by a partnership between SACS and The Hunting Office, using the top Glasgow law firm of Levy & McRae.
    SACS director, Alex Stoddart, says: “Hunt saboteurs are a rabid minority, infected with the artificial venom of animal rights extremism. ...They have no respect for law, police or society and do absolutely nothing for genuine animal welfare. We are delighted with this result and would like to thank Levy & McRae for their hard work and The Hunting Office for their support. Levy & McRae and SACS have a long and enviable track record on gamekeeper, firearm and wildlife law matters. We work incredibly hard for members and are delighted to report yet another successful outcome.”
    SACS protects and promotes shooting and fieldsports across the UK. The use of experienced shooters and dogs (including terriers and hounds) under current Scottish legislation is an effective and humane tool to control pest species for conservation, limitation of damage to crops and protection of vulnerable livestock. We are currently working on our response to the Lord Bonomy review into the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002. ScotGov have provided no clarity on what the review is actually looking at – unsurprising given that the Minister, Aileen McLeod, stated only last year that the existing 2002 Act was “robust” and that there was “no intention to review”. What has changed since then? The significant donation from the Political Animal Lobby, and the Conservative Party’s intention to review hunting legislation south of the Border, certainly raises suspicions about the sudden u-turn.
    The Bonomy Review is a waste of public money – a political stunt designed to hit the mounted packs, but could have other, far-reaching consequences. SACS is working in partnership with the Scottish Countryside Alliance to ensure that the interests of our many members, highland and lowland, who work dogs under the current legislation are not further restricted and subjected to yet more political prejudice. Partnership, truth and courage must prevail. If you support dynamism and a fresh approach, join SACS and support our work for members across the UK. If you want to contribute to the Bonomy Review: pm the page, call 01350724228, or email

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    Well done SACS and that is why I have been with them for years now.

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    SACS work hard and do so quietly. Others not so much, despite the glamour...
    Quid enim proderit Homini si lucretur Mundum totum et detrimentum faciat Animae suae?

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    Yes I am so glad I am a member. They do at least appear to be pro active in the protection of our rights. Well done SACS.


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    What they need now is a splash over the papers.
    If the decision had gone the anti's way then I bet it would have been all over the papers.
    “Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”........Dalai Lama

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    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    What they need now is a splash over the papers.
    If the decision had gone the anti's way then I bet it would have been all over the papers.
    but we all know papers don't like good news stories....

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    Good to hear - it would be interestin g to hear what they thought their chances were before the appeal and what the charges were. SACS are to be commended for taking it on.

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    I am a member of BASC but, Having read the forums dissatisfaction with BASC, I have also joined SACS.
    £40 is not a lot of money for the cover and it promotes our sport, Just hope its never required.

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    Best £40 I've ever spent

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    I, for one, would be outraged if BASC spent its money defending a terrier man. Not it's brief at all.

    It is a shooting sports society.

    SACS's brief encompasses shooting and other cointrysports. They have honoured that and that is good.

    But don't use it as tool to beat up BASC, Mike Wells's lot or any other shooting body. Not their brief.

    id the Countryside Alliance also do nothing?
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