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Thread: First time FAC application

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    First time FAC application

    Just about to send off my first FAC application (already hold SGC) - intend applying for .243 and .308 any advice on what to put on the form (or what not to put) Thanks.

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    As per what you put for your SGC really and as always be honest , and include permission letters with what you can shoot on them that's about it

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    The main thing is justification. If you have a solid justification for both calibers then you should be ok. They may well wonder why you need both 243 and 308 unless you have a good reason for both

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    Mine is in with Hampshire at the moment and I requested .308 only, for deer and AOLQ plus zeroing and practice as needed.

    In addition to the form I submitted receipts for future stalks booked, a reference and permission from previous stalks, confirmation of my booking on a DSC1 course, proof of my membership at a target rifle club plus copies of the scorecards I shot last season just to prove I can actually shoot straight!

    I did also recently speak to the local FEO and ended up sending in some additional receipts just to show that I'm continuing to book stalks and go stalking while the application is going on as well. He said it can only help, and hopefully I should be having my home visit shortly.

    That may have been overkill but I figured I might as well be open and honest, and put everything on the table up front. Anything that builds your case for good reason and/or shows previous firearms experience can only be a good thing IMO.

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