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    off the mark

    well guys went up to Scotland with anberdog again Tues 25 n wed 26 in hope of getting into a buck this time, and iv done it got my first buck and my first roe deer saw a few bucks n des but dint mange to stalk them but then we found a clear patch were there was 5 busk and 2 does feeding on this open land so after watching then and making sure they did not know we was there the stalk was on managed to get to yds from then using ditches and small conifer trees so up came the binoes again and spotted one that was the best buck with a nice head on it for my first mount. got the sticks set up and put the tika up my hart was pounding by then ha ha got buck fever so steadied my self down and rested the cross hairs on a hart n lung shot and pulled the trigger and wallop the buck was down, so quickly reloaded and one of the other bucks and doe's came running over to wards me so a quick wisle to stop them did the trick the buck was facing me makeing it not possible for hart n lung shot so cross hairs on its neck and wallop second buck down so not only had i just shot my first buck but got a brace of bucks.

    so of to collect the bucks first one to pick up was the second shot nicely place shot taking its head almost off its shoulders nice clean kill with little Carce's damage this buck way a yearling that was still in velvet. second buck to pick up was the better buck nice clean shot placement blowing out part of its hart this buck terned out to be a murder buck about 2 1/2 yrs old with a nice head on it , so the grouch was done and both sound Carce's.

    so hear are the pics

    thank you very much amber dog

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    2nd buck was a nice bonus. Good result.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Congratulations Russ, I know you said you got buck fever but to get through that and still take two calm and considered shots was a real achievement. Well done to both you and Amberdog for sharing his sport!


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    Good memories shared there, well done and many more to come for the both of you.



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    Welldone Russ good to hear,like buses hey wait ages and then two come at once i bet you're well chuffed.
    ATB Neil.

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    glad to hear your off to a good start see you at the yorkshire meet all the best,wayne

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    well done russ, happy days

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    Very well done Russ and equally well done to Amberdog for getting you onto your first bucks. Much easier when you do not have 2 foot of snow to deal with!!

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