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Thread: Newbie fae Scotland

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    Newbie fae Scotland

    Hi everyone ive been stalking for over 15 years in Scotland looking forward to speaking to other stalkers .

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    Your not the greenie chap from larkhall are you. if so welcome

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    Welcome mr green are you that greeny guy from larky?

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    I it might be but i dont stay in Larkhall i work in Larkhall and go stalking with friends from Larkhall Choc

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    are you not the window licker that was on this site under another name ,mark g ?

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    Is that you ding dong ,couldn't register under my old name been that long since i was last on forgot my details?

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    yes mark you have come along way since we used to go out hunting in may 1990 and did i not take you out for your first stalking experiance.

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