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Thread: choice of camera and lens?

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    choice of camera and lens?

    Hi all,
    I've looked at some of the pictures here, and mine look rather poor by comparison. I'm thinking of a new camera and lens, what do you guys use, and what would you recomend?

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    hi mark,
    i use a panasonic lumix FZ5 digital
    feautures are
    5 megapixel
    12 optical to 48 digital = equivalent of upto a 420mm lens
    with a 512 mb SD card
    with this i can take upto 300+ pics before memory is full
    with a bigger card you can take and store more pics
    i am now looking to change this for the lumix FZ18 as that has 18 optical
    this i hav stagg to blame but what a camera
    thanks stagg
    i will be bringing my camera to quex so if your in no rush then you can hav a play there to see what you think

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    Thanks Stone,
    no rush at all. Buy in haste regret at your leisure. Thats what my old mum say's.

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    I use a Sony Alpha 100 DSLR with a 28-80mm and a 70-300mm sigma lens
    whole lots costs around 600, the camera body is 440

    It's a very good camera, and the good thing is that all minolta lens's will fit the body.

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    Hi all.
    The Lumix FZ18 with its Leica Elmarit lense is the answer to the stalkers prayers if he is interested in photography.
    It is small and light in weight, I wish I had one of these in my early stalking days of 1961 as many more incidents and sightings could have been recorded.
    The 18X lense equals about 504mm focal length and there is the digital enhancement available within the camera itself and at about 250 or so it is a bargain. [It also has anti-shake mode included.]
    I have a Nikon D80, a Nikon D50, with 170-500mm and 28-300mm lenses but I rarely use these now.

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    Panasonic Lumix FZ18.

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    Hi all,

    I use a Cannon Eos 350D but as Ihave only had it a year I have yet to get a decent lens. The lens that came with it was a 28-90mm but I could do with something out to about 200 or 300mm.

    Cheers Remmy7

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    Hi blueboar
    Where were them pics of the reds taken mate they look very familiar

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    They were taken at the National Trusts Mount Pleasant Farm on the suffolk coast, they are part of the herd that frequents Minsmere and there are a couple of hundred animals.

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