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Thread: Teckel bitch or puppy

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    Teckel bitch or puppy

    I haven't qualified yet for classifieds so my apologies.
    I am looking tor a teckel bitch or puppy.

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    Good lucky buddy ,

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    Dengreenhowe on this site. Near Aberdeen. Mine is an absolute belter.
    Cannot recommend the Greenhowes highly enough.
    The hound has destroyed the house and his kennel right enough!!!

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    My wife got one as a pet.
    Fair shows my viszla up when it comes to tracking / follow up.
    but just too keen to take stalking. She prefers to chase deer, rather than let you shoot them first.
    Her mothers from Darswed teckels.
    may take pups from her next year.

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    Thanks for all the info so far.

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    I have pups due on the 21st March excellent lines, the sire is from the French 24 and 48 hr blood trail champion. Dam is from the Darswed lines.


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    Let us know how you get on with pups.
    May breed from ours next year when she's 3.
    (Hopefully) picture attached of her as a pup.
    Her dam is also from Darswed lines.

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