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    Read in a magazine that the 17wsm is now available in the uk,anybody got any opinions on this calibre.

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    Be keen to find out too as thinking of selling my hmr and this could be a good replacement, sounds excellent but not sure how easy ammo is to get

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    What is the accuracy like? Better than the HMR with a choice of ammo or limited and very hit and miss as to finding one that is consistently accurate.

    Does sound like it could be a very good bridge between the rimfires and smaller foxing centrefires.

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    My info may not be compeltely up to date but I had a conversation with the Winchester rep at the Shhoting Show in 2015 and he told me that the WSM was not going to be available in Europe in the forseable future.
    The reason he gave was that Europen gun makers were not interested in chambering for 17WSM because it's significantlyhigher chamber pressure could not be accommodated by their current rimfire designs in the way that their standard 22 rimfire designs could be modified to suit 17HMR
    Given that the market for 17WSM would likely be pretty small, they decided that spending money on designing and manufacturing a new rifle just for 17WSM was not economically viable.
    At the moment I think only the Savage B Mag (which was specifically designed for 17WSM), the Winchester Low Wall and the new Ruger 77/17 are the only mainstream manufacturers producing a rifle in 17WSM.
    By all accounts, the Savage is a complete dog, the Winchester is super expensive and the trigger pull on the Ruger is 5-7 lbs.
    The ballistics are definitely interesting and in theory it would make a good fox rifle out to sensible distances - but I don't think we'll see any on this side of the pond any time soon (hope I'm wrong!!)



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    edgar bros have them in stock but no ammo available yet

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    I confess to knowing sfa about the round so I went looking.

    This link gives up a bit of goss.

    Ruger 77/17 - 17WSM - Review and Range Report
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