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Thread: Help - Ross Telescope

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    Help - Ross Telescope

    I would be interested to hear from any SD member who can put some knowledge into the previous owner of a Ross Telescope I came by a few months ago?

    It is a three draw brass Ross of London telescope with the no 1904 next to the eye piece (this could be the date of manufacture) Above this number is the letter I and above this is an arrow sign pointing upwards.

    The case may be a help. It is a leather case and embossed on the side are the letters H H and on the other side is the leather case makers name as shown R BISSET

    I know that R Bisset, now the late Bob Bisset, made telescope cases as I met him in the early 1990's when filming in Glenlyon. I bought the case in Killin on Loch Tayside, which is close by to Glenlyon

    I would be interested if anyone may know who H H is or any other interesting anecdote.


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    Long shot but you could try Stag 1933 on here?

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    Any chance of a photo of the engraving on the barrel? Also with Ross telescopes I believe the serial number is on the eyepiece surround.
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    I'll see how this goes. Is it as below?


    In which case that is Indian Army property mark at the time India was British. And I'd go further and say pre-WW1.

    1904 in fact! But I doubt they'll want it back!
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    I am a long time "out" of these markings.

    But that /l\ over the I is also seen but with a K and F underneath, or maybe just either side, or just a K for the Kirkee Ordnance Factory on .455 MkII ammunition.

    But I am a long time "out" of knowing these markings in exact I'll gladly be put right! And I'm not sure thetefore uf 1904 is the year.

    My second thoughts are that if it was the year it might be marked as '04 with the 19 omitted. Too long "out"!

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    my ww1 ross also have the broad arrow (crows foot ) mark , with artillery graticals not many were issued of this type and are of English issue the crows foot is as you say are the mark of all mod issue, the date I feel would would be correct . I also have ww1 german pair but in a sad state as they were dug up some years back glass is still good

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    Many thanks for the information gents. As requested I attach two photographs of the Ross telescope and as I am in such good company I thought I would add information on another telescope in my possession. It is also a three draw brass telescope with an inscription next to the eye piece BC

    I look forward to hearing from yo all

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Indian Army property mark is that! If only these things could talk. Was it with a Sikh regiment at Neuve Chapelle in 1915? Or where? If only they could talk.

    I have a .280 Remington built on a Mauser 98K in Belgium in the 1960s. The bolt handle root still has the Nazi eagle and "hooked cross". Again if only they could talk.

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    I'd guess that BC&Co is Broadhurst Clarkson, who made telescopes for the military, and the civillian markets.

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    Yes, BC. I'd agree. They existed until 1960s.

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