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Thread: Terrier work

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    Terrier work

    Just found this online, obviously a copy and paste from SD.

    A reminder that we all need to be very careful what we put online......

    Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work - The cruel reality of terrier work and BASC

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    Wots illegal about wot he said? (its ok i don't work terriers)
    The only thing i can think of was the filling in?

    Really didnae see any harm in wot was posted not too graphic.

    These folk will be offended by almost everything we say and do anyway, but a good reason to think before u post anything controversial,

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    I'm not up on the legalities of terrier work either (not that I believe or suspect anything wrong!) but reading through some of the other pages on that site there's some right drivel being spouted. Typically of similar venomous anti bull-, it's mostly name calling and emotive rubbish mixed with a healthy dose of misinformation and prejudice.
    There's even a page advising people to call 999 if they see anyone working terriers
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    Completely legal. Entering a single terrier with the intention of bolting the fox is what is allowed by law. You can't knowingly enter a terrier with the intention of it dispatching the fox in the earth, but you can't exactly promise that it won't happen so there have never been any convictions that I'm aware of. The post does mention about the dog working the earth, but if it is netted it looks like the intention was to bolt.

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