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Thread: Semi Custom 22.250

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    Semi Custom 22.250

    I am selling my beloved 22.250 to get something suitable for deer.

    The rifle is a Tikka 595 fitted with a 25.5 inch S/S - 8 twist Lother Walther Match barrel in a light varmint profile. Threaded 0.5 UNF and vapour blasted.. The tube was fitted just over a year ago and is in superb condition only really been used for varminting and ringing the odd gong.

    The action is fully pillar bedded into a custom thumbhole laminate stock which is very comfortable and a handsome devil. It also has a smart bolt knob fitted.

    The trigger has been worked on and has the light spring fitted - it breaks as clean a glass.

    Now the good bit.. it is superbly accurate. It fires everything from 75 / 80 grn Amax and 77 grn TMKS superbly well. It also shoots 55 grn SBK into tiny bug hole groups.

    It also come with 100 lap cases - mostly once fired. I have a S5 mod which can be purchased at a reduced rate it the buyer wants.

    I am after 850 for the rifle and cases

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    Still here guys - This is an awesome long range varmint rifle.

    Build on arguably the best Tikka action with custom match barrel and beaded into a custom stock .

    Happy for any test or trial for serious buyers.


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    Can't believe this hasn't shifted, great rifle.
    Need a 22-250 as well but but just purchased a .243 otherwise.

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    I am in the market for a 22-250 , would you be interested in a px for a tikka 6.5 x 55 ( 695 )

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    Hi Straightpull barrel work done by Dave Folwell. He's done a couple of rifles for me now and both have been amazingly accurate.

    The last photo is a 3 shot group on a metal gong at 480 yrds - The fox in the pic was taken at 405 yrds .

    Dave will be building my next rifle once the 22.250 find a new home.

    - thank you for the offer - but I am going to have a semi custom 6.5 rifle built.

    - The rifle cost me over double the asking price and is priced less than some second hand factory Howa's.

    Thank you for looking - as said. I am happy for any trial.


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    Quote Originally Posted by magichinter View Post
    Has it got any damage?
    No damage whatsoever.


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    Alan's gear is always looked after,

    and if I was a 22/250 man and had the slot, I would have no issues spending my funds here,

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    Rifle now on hold for forum member

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