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Thread: Importing from USA

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    Importing from USA

    I think this is a topic that comes up a lot but had some questions for people. I'm going to the US soon and wanted to grab a gun part (part of the bolt and so technically a firearm even though it's only a metal tube). I know I can come through UK customs easily using my FAC as an import permit. I'm just not sure about getting it out of the US. Can anyone advise how to do this? It is only $40 and I think if it is under $100 then no export license needed. It is also from pre-1899 so I think considered an antique in the US so again no export license. I'm just not sure what I have to do at US customs.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

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    sfwh welcome to the site but you've missed a few things there mate.
    Firstly everyone is required to post an introduction when first joining the site and before posting anything else. Secondly you could save yourself a whole lot of time if you then do a site search as you will find that this subject has come up many times in the past and is well discussed.

    P.S. You mention part of the bolt. I take it that you have already looked into the possible requirement in this country for a variation on your FAC to obtain a spare pressure bearing part?
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I've posted an introduction now thanks for letting me know I was supposed to do that. I had a look through the legal section and couldn't find anything that matched my situation exactly but I'll keep looking.

    P.S. I was not aware that I would need a variation for a replacement part for a gun I already own.
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    Not sure exactly what part you are referring to - but in the US a bolt is not normally considered a firearm. By our standards, the action is what is registered as a firearm and therefore bears the serial number. We do not control, limit, or register the sale of barrels, trigger assemblies, stocks or scopes, except when they are considered non-exportable military technology.

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    Yeah it's strange that only the receiver is a gun by law until you try to export it. Then everything is a gun even the scope if it is a powerful one. I'm just wandering if anyone has experience with something they own in the US but want to bring here (and they are not a US citizen).

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    Have you thought of e-mailing and asking the BATF what the rulles and proceedure is?

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    The State Department, thanks to Hillary Clinton, follows the ITAR rules, which are supposed to focus on military arms dealing, but the DoS has forms which must be filled out and approved in advance, for some parts, scopes, even stocks. It is crazy, as none of these bureaucrats seem to know one thing about firearms. You should get your British Consulate involved on this end to grease the path for you, as the rules may be a bit different for a visitor with a FAC.

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    Southern dear chap the very thought of a branch of the British Govenment actually helping a shooter and gun owner is so funny it might even be called hysterical.

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    I would take the view that any component which from part of a receiver / action / bolt will be covered by ITAR Rules on export.

    A few years ago at shot show where was a story going round that a dealer had sent our a spare washer for a colt pistol with out the export paperwork as he thought it was "just" a washer, that was picked up and he got a big fine as BATF Classed it as a component covered by ITAR.

    That said you may well get other saying its fine, but it will be up to the person you either declare it to on leaving the USA or finds it if you have not.


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