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Thread: 18650 Batteries

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    18650 Batteries

    Hi, I'm after a few more batteries to feed my nightmaster torch, I have checked there website but they are asking around £16 per battery, i have bought from ebay before but one lot did'nt work, and the others are not great, has anyone had any luck with aftermarket batteries as I'm sure the ones nightmaster are selling are only re badged.

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    Hi. I have the blue ones off Ebay and haven't had any issues with them. Just charge them with a good charger.. I also have the original Nightmaster ones that are a absolute pile of very expensive crap, honestly stay clear of the originals…

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    Hi CJS,
    Do you happen to know what make the blue ones are, Cheers Tom

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    Avoid any 18650 batteries with the "fire" in their name.
    I use genuine Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mah batteries - there are plenty E bay sellers - this is a seller I've used many times and the batteries have always been good 2x GENUINE PANASONIC® NCR18650B Li-Ion 3400mAh 3.7v BATTERIES FLAT TOP +CASE UK | eBay



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    Only Panasonic.
    Just bought these
    2 Genuine Panasonic NCR18650 Lithium 3.7v Rechargable 2300mAh Batteries | eBay
    £6.50 for 2x delivered
    Stuck them in my Intellicharger this morning and it says they're good and are now charged.
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    I've steered clear of the cheap ones and never had any problems. I got some with one of my Nightmaster torches and they have been fine. I have some Fenix torches and their brand have been excellent in terms of battery life, but as I am generally a fan of Panasonic batteries, I will probably buy some of them next time.

    The key thing is to have a good charger. The really cheap ones don't seem to get the best out of any battery. This one has been great for the past couple of years:



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    Quote Originally Posted by Wylyetom View Post
    Hi CJS,
    Do you happen to know what make the blue ones are, Cheers Tom
    Hi Tom. If you can get the genuine Panasonics at the price quoted, them's the kiddies…

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    Thanks for all your help, it was in fact the unique fire batteries bought from ebay that have been total c**p, I am off to order some Panasonic's, many thanks Tom

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    You need to buy protected batteries or you could fry your IR. Check out this bloke on eBay big_f_d_d on eBay
    and Google torchy the battery boy.
    one and the same bloke. I have bought a few off him over the last couple of years. Also makes interesting reading.
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    As an ex smoker and now a vaper, my devices run on 18650 batteries. Have a look at in the battery section. I use efest high output batteries as they're thought to be the best and are about £6-7 each. Don't buy cheap batteries as they can be dangerous. Hope this helps.

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