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Thread: Creating a larder and processing room

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    Creating a larder and processing room

    I have been offered an unused room in my in-laws stable block that is situated just across the road from me. It is of brick construction under slate with concrete floor. It has close a fitting timber door, mains water and drainage and electricity.

    Inside the walls are bare (dusty) brick and the whilst the slate has a felt underlay there is nothing separating the hipped pitched roof from the proposed work area. The room measures ~2.20m x 5.40m.

    My loose plan is to:

    Install a ceiling with 4x2" beams and marine ply with a central beam comprising two joined 8x2" to create a strong point from which to hang a carcass for skinning

    Affix office style fluorescent strip lights to ceiling.

    Construct a 1x2m cold room with 100mm wall insulation with the same on the ceiling

    Have ss tables, one for cutting and one with a sink (probably cold feed only)

    Have a domestic fridge for keeping processed meat.

    I'm not sure what to do about the walls. I could either:

    Paint with a heavy oil based white paint (cheap but may lead to condensation issues)

    Baton the walls and affix polycarbonate or polypropylene type white sheets (expensive)

    I'd really love some advice from those who have carried out a similar project. There will be lots I haven't though about yet.....

    Between two of us there will be ~45 to 60 to process annually. most meat is consumed by friends and family.


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    My room has a relatively low ceiling skinning large deer I have to bend alot so I'm thinking of vaulting the ceiling this summer giving me about an extra 3 feet of height Hope your room works out

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    There was one of the guys on here selling insulated food safe panels yesterday or the day before.

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    You could use metal stud framing and insulate the walls and ceiling areas with 100mm insulation, then clad the walls and ceilings with plastic wall and ceiling panels, they click together and are washable screwed to the metal studs and ceiling, then add a rail system for the carcass (you will need to ensure you add something to take the weight of the railing system with the carcass a simple threaded rod could be sufficient and the rail can be attached to the studs) then add a separate refrigerated area with an additional wall and door (You can buy a fridge door). All cables and piping could be installed behind the wall panels including a small electric heat for hot water. For the floor when the room is completed use a two pack resin sealing self levelling compound. Then install a corner flashing around the floor to the wall. Job done ! Don't forget the vapour barrier between the insulation and the plastic cladding, a simple plastic sheet applied with double sided tape to the metal studs.
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    Thank you for your contributions so far. Still in the planning stage so trying my best to restrain my normal MO of rushing in with energy and enthusiasm and only half a plan

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