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Thread: Lucky Gamekeeper

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    Lucky Gamekeeper

    Think this guy should put a bet on the lottery as someone's looking after him!

    Lost gamekeeper found after night in Cairngorms - BBC News


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    Did the right thing stayed with his vehicle and got found ,nice to hear a good outcome.Normally its a teaching tit in a kagool and flipflops with an out of date O/S map thats lost in the middle of nowhere being looked for .
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Certainly a very lucky chap,

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    I'm really glad this turned out well, but, he's not half going to get some stick!!!!

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    Hi, Lucky just shows everyone how easy this can happen. He did the right thing stayed with vehicle made best of a bad situation and a happy out-come.

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    Now don't get me wrong here. I am glad that the guy is ok. But it's not that big a deal. Ever heard of a guy named Shackleton and what him and his team survived? Gives a sense of perspective. And there's lots of other stories. Doug Scott crawling down from The Ogre with two broken legs for example.

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    Great outcome. That is one bleak place to break down. Not seen "Big White Hunter" on here for a while, but as head keeper would surely of been very concerned when one of his team didn't return. Hats off to all concerned especially the mountain rescue/helicopter personnel.

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    Glad it turned out well but would credit him with a large gob of commonsense and luck - as the saying goes, you make your own luck in life

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    Guess he didn't probably get any help with it from BASC either?

    Told he only had a 50-50 chance so wasn't much they could do....

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    Well done to all involved. Clearly the H&S and all those risk assessments paid off in this instance as he done the correct thing and had is PPE with him.

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