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Thread: Neatsfoot oil on leather boots - How often?

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    Neatsfoot oil on leather boots - How often?

    I have at long last got round to buying and using some Neatsfoot Oil on my leather boots. The general idea is to keep them as waterproof as possible and the leather in reasonable condition.
    I have given my boots 3 coats of neatsfoot oil throughout today. The third coat seems to be taking a lot longer to soak in than the first two coats did.
    My question is: How often should I "oil" my boots to keep them in reasonable condition? Should it be every time I wear them, or once a week or what?
    Any advice from those who use neatsfoot oil on their boots please?

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    Don't know if it's the correct answer but every other month I stand my boots in a cat litter tray with the oil in the bottom and keep brushing it over them a few time in the day
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    the big issue is whether your boots have a Gore-Tex/other membrane in them.

    if so, then use the oil, but only when give your boots a 'major service' - maybe once or twice a season - as the oil will seep into the holes in the membrane and block them up producing the effect of having a plastic bag wrapped around your foot. which is nice...

    if your boots don't have a membrane then you can use it more regularly, but i'd be careful about using it - it has a significant softening effect on the leather to the point where, if used very regularly, it can turn a 160 pair of Meindls into a boot with all the ankle support of tissue paper, as well as making the leather fragile to the point of tearing on rocks, branches or fences...

    personally i use it at the begining and end of each season, and if i'm putting a pair of boots away for months/years. other than that i use Alt-Berg Leder Gris (neutral) which is 70% wax and 30% oil. they do an extreme version thats 50% oil that does a similar job to neats foot oil, but is less, erm... extreme.

    NFO is used to take dried out, hard, possibly brittle leather and make it supple - you can, i promise you, have too much of a good thing...

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    Much appreciated WF I certainly will be cutting back on its use as never gave the membrane a thought
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

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    i would have to agree with the above post, i used it on a pair of danner boots i found that the boots became sweaty.

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    Leather has insulation properties due to air trapped in the fibers. Replace air with oil and you get cold feet.

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    What kind of boots are they? Do you know what sort of oil was used on them originally?
    Have they been treated before?

    Neatsfoot oil may be 3rd or 4th down on the list of the best treatments.

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    Many years ago when oiling the deer saddles i thought I would give my boots a couple of coats of neatsfoot oil as well. This resulted in a telling off from the head stalker as he thought this wasnt good for the boots. Not sure how true this is but never used neatsfoot again on my boots. Nowadays I use ether nic wax liquid stuff or meindl wax for my boots.

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    on my leather only meindl I lightly oil them four times a year,my meindl goretex ones only twice a year.

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    Neatsfoot is not best for saddles, bridles, traces, cinches halters, etc, in a damp climate because it will attract moisture and make the leather slick. Later on, its ingredients will feed backteria and mold.

    Lexol is better for most leathers like that, and for leather jackets and furniture ( if it is not sealed, as car seats are now ).

    Griot's makes a great product for softening and restoring dried leather. Then treat it with the normal one in a few weeks.

    Danner Boot Dressing is great, especially if you apply it to new boots from the first day. It lets the leather breath and trap air, and does not mess with the waterproof liner ( like Gortex) nor with the wicking liner ( like Cambrelle ).

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