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Thread: Battery advice please

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    Battery advice please

    A friend of mine has just purchased a Leopold VXIII 4.5-14x50 with an illuminated ret and is unsure which batteries he needs to go with this scope. I haven't had a chance to see it for myself yet.
    Could someone in the know please advise?
    Thanks in advance.

    ATB Lee

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    ATB Lee

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    Look on the leupold web site

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    tactical scopes use cr2032 as taff said check their site,

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    MAKE SURE TO PUT THE CORRECT ONES IN BEFORE SWITCHING ON ,i know wrong battery fitted in some will damage circuit board in the scope
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    Look at the old battery ????


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    It didn't come with one!


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    The battery you require is a DL1/3N and they are very expensive, a trawl on e bay will source alternatives, the ones I use have a green plastic sleeve and are fine.

    On my M4 tactical the illumination dial is pretty poor and easy to knock it on. I have put a white tipex dot on the Zero and scope so easy to check it is off.


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    Thanks Cyres, top man.

    ATB Lee

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