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Thread: Work dam blow blast

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    Work dam blow blast

    I have just had to cancel my hotel for the museum visit and now will not make the game fair as I now have to go away with work for 4 months.
    However the good bit is it's to New Zealand
    Has anyone any experience of stalking out there or any contacts?
    I would just like to get out and see what is like down there!
    However the chance of a shot would be a bonus.
    Cheers all


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    You lucky git! I hope that you have a BOST before you go! Good luck and a safe journey Dickie.

    God I wish they would bring back press gangs!

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    you lucky so and so
    which island are you going to?
    and try NZhunter for hunting contacts as he is a nice fellow he may be able to help just pm him

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    I am out there in August, when are you going?

    Best rgds


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    Thank you all for your replies off in less than 2 weeks back in mid August.
    I'l be in Auckland so will be on the north isle.

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    I will be in the South Island for the first 2 weeks of August, see if you can get out of Auckland and see a bit of NZ

    Best rgds


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