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Thread: good evening from Norfolk

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    good evening from Norfolk

    Hello all my name is john and I'm new to stalking, I have been around firearms and shotguns from the age of 9 ( so several years as now 51) my dad used to run a rifle and pistol range in Kent. Hence my passion for firearms of all shapes and sizes.
    i have been involved in and enjoy rabbit fox and general vermin control, l also enjoy target shooting at different ranges military and civilian. I've always wanted to get involved in hunting and stalking with rifles as it is a passion that I feel I must for fill,
    i took myself off to Jelen services after meeting the guys at the BASC stand at the shoot show and completed my DSC 1. i use a 6.5 X 55 and 308 as my main tools but also 7.5 X 55 and .22lr for the bunnies

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