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Thread: moderator for blaser 6.5x284

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    moderator for blaser 6.5x284

    I am getting a r8 6.5x284 and cant decide on the mod, was thinking a DPT or standard hardy or possibly hardy magnum and then when I get a 30-06 or win mag barrel it would do both, interested to here your guys thoughts

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    Hardys are not the quietest, 284 and winmag can be quite punchy, what about an atec hertz?

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    The second barrel not a defo yet but just Trying to think ahead, will look up the atec hertz cheers

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    I replaced my Atec mods with Lawrence Precision

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    Quote Originally Posted by OISÍN View Post
    I replaced my Atec mods with Lawrence Precision
    Are you happy with it which model did you get

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    ASE Utra everytime for me!

    A JetZ or SL5/7

    Having said that I have a Atec on my 6.5 x55 which is a lot lighter!

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    Jetz work great just a bit heavy, as it will be mainly a stalking rifle, like the idea of the Lawrence precision ones a bit more know they are lighter and better prices, be interested in any feed back about them!

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    I have a Hardy Stealth model which is in 'my opinion the nuts' all be it a bit of a long bugger. It replaced my Asl Utra over barrel jobby which was also 'the nuts' but a bit on the heavy side. My experience of Lawrence Precision (the Neon model) mmm. steer clear as its S**T!!!!!

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    You do know that a first time shooter model

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    I also use a titanium Lawrence precision aurora on a 6.5x55 its over barrel its light circa 340g and quiet to the ear and I'm very happy with it

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