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Thread: Advice wanted on portable petrol driven winch

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    Advice wanted on portable petrol driven winch

    Want to get portable petrol driven winch to aid red deer extraction.
    Any advice on suitable models / most effective rope length to use / suppliers / 2nd hand units welcome.

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    I seem to think there was something on here very recently about this. Have you tried the box on the top right to search?

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    Yeah there is a trade member on here selling a very good looking one for about 1000 if I remember correctly. Have a search and I'm sure you'll find it.

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    Yep. Saw ad from Orien Forestry for pcw300.
    Would appreciate any feedback from members who have working experience of using portable petrol winches for deer extraction.
    particularly practical aspects such as optimum rope length to use???
    Pros and cons of different types of available units???
    Any must have accessories???

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    Had a search.
    But did not see much in way of practical advice!

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    Pcw5000 or pcw3000

    Apparently the ones to use , not heard of others for job , think FC use these not sure

    Bout as portable as will get , couple with decent length of rope ?


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    many thanks for the advice.

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    Rope length is irrelevant as most are capstan winches.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    What exactly is it that you want the winch to do to aid extraction? I know they are said to be portable but I wouldn't fancy carrying one too far.

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    Look up Lewis chainsaw winch on google, made in America ,but they do have a british agent, saw it first on life below zero on the tv.

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