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Thread: CWD Tusk Removal

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    CWD Tusk Removal

    Guys, I have a very good CWD buck caped in my freezer. I would like to know if any of you have tried successfully to remove the two tusks without skinning and boiling the head out as I want to get it scored before deciding on a full shoulder mount. I do not want to skin it out myself as I don't want to damage the mask and want to leave this to the taxidermist. Cheers FM
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    I'm afraid the only way to take them out without damaging them is to boil, take the head to a taxidermist and ask him to cape it for you and give you skull back to boil and clean and measure, then if you decide to get it mounted take it back to the taxidermist as he can re freeze the skin until you decide.


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    Go to Gary tatted ton at wetherby he's a cic judge or ring him he will tell you if he can do it mate

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