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    hi folks, I'm off to Aberystwyth this weekend and wondered where the nearest stalking might be? possibly for this trip (short notice I know) but more likely next time.
    Any info would be appreciated as I really dont fancy hanging around with the mrs all weekend!
    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks

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    South Wales or Shropshire. I used to live in Aberystwyth and unless things have changed an awful lot in the last two years there aren't many deer West of the Cambrian Mountains!! I certainly never saw any in our around Aberystwyth and I had a fair amount of shooting in the surrounding area, and was on a the hill a lot as well.

    There are some deer further north around Dolgellau but as far as I'm aware thats mainly FC land.
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    I was going say 'England' but the above covers it apart from mentioning Herefordshire - PM me if you want some contact details for a couple of people offering Roe buck stalking. Its a fair old hike from Aber' to the nearest deer though - 60+ miles of slow winding roads and no overtaking. A bit painful for a 4.15am stalk

    Are you sure you wouldn't rather go fishing instead?!

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    Oscillating between Chester and Berkshire
    Just had a thought though: do some quite interesting range days and they are within an hour of Aber.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I dont mind travelling if anyone knows of any stalking available, better than hanging around doing nowt.

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    pinched from another thread,might be of interest.
    there use to be fallow stalking around dolgellau and bala which would be ideal for you.
    i'll keep digging around.
    Deer Stalking Holidays
    Deer stalking available in Mid Wales with Accredited Witness see the web site at for details. Self catering holiday accomodation and packages available [/b]

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    Try sending a PM to Dollman on this site.
    He is up in Aber at the moment, like the others said there isn't any deer in the area but Dollman might be able to sort you out with some Lamping.


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    There is deer in the area but quite frankly it is easier to join the masons than to get into it.

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