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Thread: Pest control business information

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    Pest control business information

    Hi i was wondering what insurance and qualifications I would need if I was to do some part time work?
    Any help would be great.
    Regards Dan.

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    Will depend wot ur going to do?

    Generally most pest control companies bulk of work is posioning/treating stuff, insects, ants, wasp nests etc and doing rats/mice round farms and businesses. Even companies that advertise rabbit, deer fox control tend to say hardly get any work doin it as so many folk are willing to do it for free or even pay for it

    Nowadays u will need trainig to handle and use most of the chemicals u'd need, most never look to cheap, the basc subsidiesed rat course is 150 quid

    Think there was a thread in vacant jobs where someone said something similar

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    BASC do a 'Professionals' insurance package as an add on to membership.
    Shooting professionals policy

    BASC has teamed up with AIM Risk Services to develop a new insurance policy providing protection for qualified coaches and shooting professionals. The cover has been specifically designed to meet the needs of shooting professionals as most other policies are limited to recreational shooting only.
    The Coaches and Professionals policy provides essential insurance protection for registered coaches and shooting professionals including public liability, professional indemnity and personal accident.
    The policy cover is designed for:

    • Deer stalkers (DSC1 and DSC2 qualified)
    • Gamekeepers
    • Qualified shotgun coaches
    • Qualified airgun coaches
    • Trainee coaches
    • Qualified safety officers

    Included in the Coaches and Professionals policy is:
    Public Liability- 10million each and every loss
    Professional Indemnity- 1million each and every loss and in the aggregate
    Abuse -defence and compensation 1million each and every loss and in the aggregate
    Personal Accident – Death and Capital benefits up to 25,000
    Medical Benefits
    Geographical Limits – Worldwide
    Jurisdiction – European Union
    For more information contact Andy Hearn at AIM Risk Services on 01403 793752
    AIM Risk Services Limited is an appointed representative of James Hallam Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
    BASC Coaches and Professionals Key Facts -
    BASC Coaches and Professionals Accident Policy Wording -
    BASC Coaches and Professionals Terms of Business Agreement -

    Although not Specifically aimed at the pest controller, it should cover everything you need. If it does not speak directly to 'Aim Risk' and they can add on extra's to the basic professional cover, which is just over 100 per year.

    Many thanks, Peter
    Dr Peter Marshall
    BASC Sporting Services

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