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    Water Buffalo

    We have a problem with Asian Water Buffalo in Australia. They were originally imported here as a food source in the early days in the Top End of Australia. They ended up going feral and became a huge pest (no pun intended) They can be extremely unpredictable and do a lot of damage on the flood plains of Northern Australia. I live a lot further south than that, but a local farmer decided to bring some down here and farm them for meat, which is very good and lean. Then rather predicably they went feral and set about pushing down fences and generally being a problem. We were asked to go out and cull them, but the problem was the sort of terrain they live in. It's very close thick scrub that a dog couldn't bark in, and you seldom get them out in the open. Also we get a lot of rain here, and that makes access almost impossible at times. It's an ongoing job in progress. Here's one a shot with a 308 with a 165gn Hornady.
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    Looks like good exhilerating fun, are they all as bald as that one? The last few I saw in the UK had a good covering of black hair.

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    There is hunting for some feral water buffalo on a few large ranches in Florida, USA, but I never have looked into it - only run across it on TV or an article or advertisement in a magazine here and there.

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    Our buffs aren't very hairy, especially the females. This one was a young female known as a "Pinkie" as they get older they get very dark, but the hair is usually fairly sparse. The black hair comes later but the extra covering may be in response to the climate in the UK. WE barely get a frost where I am in winter. I'll see if I can find a shot of one with more hair though. This one was shot at a range of about 30feet. You can see how thick the bush is in the pic. I've heard of people using all sorts of things to shoot buffs with including bow and arrow. The 308 did a good job on this one but I've since invested in a 9.3x62.

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    good photo TR - sounds like proper hunting. I heard of them being shot out of helicopters in NT, for pest control rather than anything else. Is that right?

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    You can hunt them in Argentina in the swamps and also Bulgaria

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    Nice one. There were a few getting around grass patch as well until they were culled but my local contact says there's still a few around.
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