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    zero loss

    One of my mates has just got a Drone pro, since putting it on his Sako 85, the first two or three shots from a cold barrel go 4 inches high and slightly left, after that it bug holes, he has tried different ammo brands, has a Wildcat Evolution mod, anyone had the same sort of problem? Any ideas would be appreciated, cheers

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    I had a sako 85 .223 that would do exactley that with a Swaro scope aswell I bought mine new and then took it back and they done whatever they did and it then shot fine

    is yours a new rifle or is it a known good shooter ?

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    Checking bedding etc. But most rifles, especially those with thin lightweight barrels shoot differently with a cold to a hot barrel. Metal expands as it gets warm and unless the barrel is perfectly concentric they warp.

    When shooting groups and and zeroing always do it slowly to ensure you have a cold barrel. In the field it's the first shot that counts, and provided that's consistent that's all that matters.

    If if you want consistency with long shot strings you will need a target weight barrel.

    Saying that hat if it previously shot well with a normal scope and now doesn't with the drone pro I would suspect something with the drone pro.

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    Is the barrel clean as well as cold? If so, have him alter his cleaning regimen to see if that helps. ~Muir

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    I had a problem with my rugger 308 with groups of about 3" qt 100 mts I found after a while that the rugger has 3 screws holding the stalk on . I had them all tightened up, on loosing the screw holding the front of the trigger guard on I have it shooting under 1 moa. I had already bedded it in and relieved the fore stalk.

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