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Thread: Can you age a Roe by its Antlers???

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    Can you age a Roe by its Antlers???

    Right - time for a little educational photographic quiz/poll !
    (Inspired by the recent what constitutes a cull buck thread).
    The Roe below was shot on 2nd of May just gone in Mid Suffolk. The area is not known for great heads plus we've just had a very hard winter. He was in hard Antler.
    Two questions:

    1. How old do you think he is?

    2. Would you shoot it as a 'cull buck'?

    Attachment 1209 Attachment 1210 Attachment 1211

    I do have weight data, as well as pictures of all teeth which I will add once a few brave souls have committed an answer!
    Oh, and I do know exactly how old it was too!

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    nice buck, but there is no way i am brave enough to put an age on him.

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    I will have a go he is 2-3 years old and is a good young beast. Would i have culled him yes at 3 years old he should be taller and more uniform. ps i have been known to be wrong lots of times.

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    MS i think it an old head going back if so i would have culled him...Neil

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    I would say an older beast that is going back,and,I would of culled it.

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    I would go for 3 or 4 years old based on pedicles.

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    I would think by the size of his head and skull that he is 'mature'. A cull buck in my thinking would be one that would be surplus to the managed populations needs. An old going back buck would still pass on good genes and i personaly think that far too many good bucks are shot under this excuse. I always use the farmer/prize bull/good cows method and it works.

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    Some great answers fella's - but what variety already eh!? Keep them coming!

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    I'm going to say the long, thin pedicles and lack of slant on the coronets means he's younger than his antlers indicate; 1. am going to go for 2 years.

    I'd like to say that I would have aged him on his body and gait etc (easier for me/R.Prior to preach than carry out in practice I know...) - and thus following on from Prior's teachings; if I had a young buck still to shoot in the plan then 2. yes I would shoot him.


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    Guys i would say 2 years old, seen similar smaller heads like that before.


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