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Thread: Swarovski Habicht PF 8x50 Rifle Scope

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    Swarovski Habicht PF 8x50 Rifle Scope

    Putting this link up for a friend. The scope is fantastic, and I can vouch that it has only been on his cz .17(all he has at the moment!), Over scoped maybe, but having used it I have just order a z6!!! On my other two rifles, s& 3-12*50, one 8*56 fixed. Both great, but for clarity and value now the swarovski wins. Some one is going to get a craking scope!

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    4 hours to go! It is truly a cracking, nearly new scope.Me....2.5-15*56 Z6i ordered!!!

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    did my bit and put a bid in for you ... or was it for me

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