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Thread: New Torch

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    New Torch

    I'm looking for a new 2xAA LED torch, needs to be 100% reliable and good quality. What do people recommend from personal experience please?

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    LED Lenser. Expensive, but bloody good!
    There are loads of models, but something like a P6X should do.
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    +1 on the LED Lensers. Started with a little 3AAA jobbie now have one with 3D cells that is the size of a Maglight and can lamp out to 150yds plus and their head torches are cracking too
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    If you can find any of the ones below they were only 2 faultless for price

    cheaper than a bulb for a maglight

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    Screwfix have a good range of the popular models.
    The head torches are amazing!

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    The P6.2 looks like the way forward. Thanks. Glyn

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    Fenix LD2 and LD22. Carried constantly for over a decade. Switched to LD22 just 'cos' and wanted to play with side adjustment button.

    Never failed and batteries last forever.

    If you go for one, try Rob Balzan at the Photon Shop - he was the guy that originally brought them in and made the UK name. Service is outstanding, but faces competition left right and centre and not least the Ebay Hong Kong ( what can go wrong? ) menace.

    Declare here and now - so impressed with Fenix I've never tried anything else, so quite possibly there is something better out there... ignorance is bliss!
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    +1 for fenix, ive got 4 of them, in all my vehicles,stunning battery life & great variable power

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    Another vote for Fenix. I have 2 of them and they're brilliant, light and solid.

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    I have an original Fenix TK11 and its been completely reliable and suffered all sorts of damage, just get a good quality battery. Have also 2 from china which Eric the red recommended cost 15 and they are both excellent. If your after a lenser have a look on Maplins web site as they have a gift pack deal on for 40 you get a top end Lenser with varriable beam and a smaller one. I got a set for my devon friends and was quite impressed by the varriable beam Lenser.


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