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Thread: Mossberg Pump in 410 guage

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    Mossberg Pump in 410 guage

    If I have put fifty cartridges through it it will have been a lot. As the sale of my .17 Remington has fallen through I am needing to sell a few of something to make up the shortfall so the Mossberg (and my Benelli Pump) will have to go.
    As you can see from the photographs it hasn't been used very much at all. A great gun and sorry to be offering it up but needs must.
    265 delivered to anywhere in the UK - you pay any transfer fee your end.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mosberg41001.jpg   mosberg41003.jpg   mosberg41004.jpg   mosberg41007.jpg   mosberg41010.jpg  

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    isit a three shot mag ??

    cheers, ed

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    Yes it is.

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