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Thread: solid copper for .224

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    solid copper for .224

    So I just finished mincing about 20 pounds of shoulder and assorted trimmings from two roe I shot with the .222

    very disappointed as both of my shots went through both shoulders when I was aiming just behind
    anyway< i have a box of 53gr Barnes solid copper bullets (XLC)

    going to give them a go as the break up of the hornady SP's was just a bit too messy

    anyone using copper in a .224?
    any issues?

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    I use Nosler shotts in a 22-250 no problem with damage the deer just run about 10 yds and then fall over.

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    What were the Hornady soft points Brewsher?
    The trouble is that most but not all of the .224 bullets from the U.S. are varmint bullets. It tends to be mainly the European manufacturers plus a couple of the U.S. bullets that are made for deer.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Is that the first time you've put the treble through the shoulders?

    It's one of the reasons I stopped chest shooting with mine. Every time it hit a shoulder, it was a spectacular mess .

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    No I have put a few through the shoulders quartering but I normally aim to miss bone for this very reason.
    suspect on these occasions I am shooting an inch or two to the left at range, mechanical redirection of rifle or zero i am not sure
    the previous ones were very straightforward, no massive bruising or blood clots just straightforward forward hole with blood clots near by

    i was previously running them through a 19-20" barrel
    i am wondering if this full length OEM Sako barrel has them clipping along that little bit quicker

    the damage this time was considerable, blood clots for the majority of the rib cage and up into the neck.
    exit holes were neat, sub inch, these are not explosive bullets but I did recover a small fragment from one exit hole..
    I think it i more a case of path rather than frangibility

    the bullets are a flat base Spitzer with standard soft nose
    solid with a bit more weight retention sounds good in principal

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    You may struggle to stabilise the 53 grain Barnes with a 1-14" twist.
    give them a try and see.

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    I'm sure the 53gr will be fine in your Handi rifle.

    For the 1:14 twist I'm keen to try 50gr TTSX with the tips pulled (should bring them down to 0.7" length - same length as others that are accurate in my rifle).

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    I used the 53g xlc to take a single roe with my 22/250 many years ago. I think it was the first deer to get the lead free treatment from me. Range was about 20 yards and the bullet hit the shoulder and vertebrae before exiting behind the off shoulder if I recall correctly. Very impressive performance at an impact velocity of over 3500 fps all things considered and there wasn't much meat damage that I recall. Worth trying them for sure, you could try the ballistic stability program on the Berger bullets site to give you an idea of likely stability

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    I have no expertise here (ask srvet!) but I'm sure I read on the Barnes site that they don't recommend 53gr for 222

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buchan View Post
    I have no expertise here (ask srvet!) but I'm sure I read on the Barnes site that they don't recommend 53gr for 222
    Buchan is right! I have just checked the Berger site and the bullet appears unstable with a 1:14 twist and marginally stable with a 1:12 at 22/250 velocity (3600fps). The 45g bullet would be better but would still only reach marginal stability according to the program.

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