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Thread: Are we behind the times? How many carry use PLB's?

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    Are we behind the times? How many carry use PLB's?

    Alright folks.

    Just wondering are UK staklers and hill walkers outdoor people behind the times when it comes to carrying PLB's and satelite tracker devices?

    Been a few tragic deaths in the hills this winter as there will be most winters really, and with that young keeper having a bit of a kucky escape (well lucky he was well prepared and kept his head).
    But when u see the ammount of man hours and risk the local volanteer Mountain rescue teams are putting in to find them.
    In any rescue situation if u had a PLB the rescue teams or helicopter could pinpoint where u were exactly and save them a lot of searching, just got to resue u then.

    Tragically 2 walkers dies sort of near me recently, know the area fairly well and for all it will look totally different when fog or a whiteout conditions its a reasonably well populated area ith a lot of proper hill roads and quad tracks over the hils, i would bet if they pushed the button the MRT could probably have drove there 4x4 with a mile of them if not closer.
    Same with the young keeper, bet his head keeper could of drove his skidoo out to the break down and gave him a lift home and dragged the broken 1 back for repairs, would not of taken long if he knew where he was and was broken down. Prob wouldnae have needed the MRT involvement

    I was lucky enough to be in NZ a few years ago and done a bit of fishing, hunting and walking with some kiwi mates. There not the most sensible or H&S aware yet always take a PLB everytime they go bush even when fairly close to home.
    Met some other lads, friends of my mates, the most red neck bunch of folk i've ever met, great lads thou, yet they all routinely carry a PLB all the time. 1 lad had a pouch sown on his pig sticking belt next his his knife for it.
    When u go to rural NZ almost ever small shop, petrol station is hiring them out for a not a lot of money.

    Is there a reason why they haven't caught on in UK?
    Is there also a reason why MRT spokes people are not pushing them more?
    Been in papers and on radio a bit but i've never heard them mentioned. Even when u get the usual H&S nutters/tabloids trying to ban folk from going out in the hills never heard anyone mention them either

    Seema complete no brainer to me.
    I'm bad for moaning abot stupid meaningless tickets but cannot understand how PLB's are not needed instead of a 1st aid ticket, i know which 1 will probably save more lifes

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    Knowing the UK the reason is probably

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    Bought a satellite phone recently. Brilliant signal on our ground where no mobile signal whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    Knowing the UK the reason is probably
    It is certainly hard to bring yourself to spend the money on something that almost everyone who owns one will never use. On top of this you have to actually carry the thing with you and I'd guess most stalkers wander down a farmers field for a few hours of an evening so it would be pretty hard to convince yourself that you needed to carry state of the art emergency gear under those circumstances.

    It is also the case that up until very recently PLBs were not licensed for use onshore in the UK, they were only allowed to be used at sea. For this reason I guess they weren't marketed to the UK walking/stalking/outdoor type market and so they don't have a user base.
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    Most places in the UK have mobile phone coverage as we live on a relatively small island. My iphone supplies my exact location if required.

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    Part of the joy of stalking for me is getting into wild places where there is no mobile signal !

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    Register with the emergency sms register.
    send the word 'register' to 999
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Most places in the UK have mobile phone coverage as we live on a relatively small island. My iphone supplies my exact location if required.
    Got quite a few mates who cannae get signals in there house in towns and villages never mind going into more remote places.

    Some woods u can get signals but an awful lot are pretty patchy and only on top of hills facing the right direction.

    Some of the cotton wool brigade were on about making everyone have outdoors ins, guessing would be a bit like in europe where only rescue u after u've showed ur ins.

    Are sat phones not expensive red neck?
    We bought my dad a lerome Inreach a few years ago to act as a tracker as well as a plb, tracking has worked well. Seemingly u can link them to mobiles to make a sat phone but none of us have fancy enough mobiles to do it

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    I'd probably have a PLB if I knew WTF one is.

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    Also silly gun laws.. the Singh case (?) that classed pen flares or rather the pen flare launchet as a s1 firearm. But so what if someone dies because of no longer being able to carry one on the hill. 'Cos we are better of without such things the law has decided.And I don't know what a PLB is either?
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