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Thread: twist rate

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    twist rate

    My rifle is a tikka t3 in .243 calibre with I believe a 1 in 10 twist rate.

    I believe there is some kind of chart to look at which sets out the size of bullet (80, 90, 100 etc) you should use depending on twist rate.

    Could someone point me in the right direction please?



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    I don't know of any chart for .243 but stabilization is based on bullet length, not weight. When all bullets were copper and lead it was pretty easy: Heavier bullet, faster twist. Now, with ballistic tipped torpedoes available, that rule gets fuzzy. In short: The longer the bullet, the faster the required twist and visa-versa. A good example of this is the twist of a muzzleloading rifle built for shooting round balls. Round balls are about the shortest projectile you can get for a given caliber yet even heavy round balls require only a very slow twist -such as 1 turn in 72" -to stabilize well. The same rifles using bullets of even two caliber length will shoot badly.

    An extreme example, yes, but you get the idea.~Muir

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