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Thread: Is a secondhand HMR a bad idea?

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    Is a secondhand HMR a bad idea?

    Afternoon all!
    I know the HMR isn't having the best of times but I've bitten the bullet for a number of reasons that don't need to be discussed.

    I'm now looking into what to get and have settled on a CZ as I've always got on well with them.

    I've heard and read things about HMRs wearing their barrels out rapidly and it's putting me off buying one secondhand a bit.

    Should I be that scared about buying secondhand? Very keen to do so if at all possible. Is there any visual check that can be done to reliably see if the barrel is in good nick or does it have to be shot to be seen?


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    If you can shoot it first that'll give a good indication of how well it shoots but obviously it doesn't tell you how worn it is

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    Why would an HMR wear it's barrel out rapidly? Rapid barrel wear is mainly down to hot loads which the HMR bullet isn't. I find it very hard to believe that they wear barrels out rapidly. A totally unfounded rumour I'll bet!

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    Check the crown - most common thing to affect accuracy (bar cleaning regime) with a HMR would be if the previous owner left the mod on all the time.

    What's your budget?
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    Been more than happy with the CZ 452 .22 and .17hmr that I have purchased from members through here. I usually judge the people rather than the item and travel hopefully. The good thing about buying an existing package of rifle, scope, rings, mod, bipod and often a few rounds as well is that apart from a quick zero you are ready to go.

    Edit: Apart from a decent light that is - bought a T67 with a red LED off fleabay for 30 - easily lights up everything to 130m which is all the range I need and 3 sets of batteries are good for 6 hours even in frosty conditions. Attaches and detaches in seconds so great for swapping between the .22 and the .17hmr.
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    Thanks all, all replies are useful in forming a picture!

    i could buy new but if I can get away with a secondhand one then I'd like to.
    I'm keen on a non-varmint barrel as the extra weight seems useless but I'm not keen on the new 455 American stock shape (sort of has a curved comb) assuming I've got the right model. Very fussy ��
    I was thinking along the lines of a secondhand but little used 452, Sak moderator and Hawke vantage scope 4-12 x40 or 50.


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    Hog Back Stock - a non-believer - unleash the hounds of hell!
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    First off there are those that would say even a new 17 HMR is a bad idea.
    The American model is the classic straight stock.
    The lux etc are hogs back style stocks.
    I dont have a 17 HMR personally but have a CZ 455 i 22LR which I am happy with.
    I remember that George Digweed commented on 17HMR barrel life on a Fieldsports Britain episode.
    The issue wasn't wear from the bullet but corrosion from the moderator rusting the barrel.
    Don't know if he was taking mod off or not after use.

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    I have had 5 over the years and love the calibre,

    the oldest one I had. had well over 7,000 shots down its barrel and still shoots well to this day at its new home in Kawood near Selby at my mates place,

    the only issue with them was as mentioned is that people leave the mods on and that will mess up any barrel on any calibre.

    the main issue is not down to the rifle be it a Andshoots,( posh rifle) a CZ or a browning etc its the AMMO and it seems that is a bit like just your luck if this happens to you.

    I have had some ammo in the last few months and touch wood not had one issue as yet.

    I still love the calibre I just don't use it anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    First off there are those that would say even a new 17 HMR is a bad idea.
    +1 .

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