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Thread: Bead blasting a stainless Sako barrel

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    Bead blasting a stainless Sako barrel

    I've been offered a Sako 85, stainless. Its the original bead blasted satin finish, very tidy however its got a ring of scratches from a (synthetic!) moderator bushing about 4" down the barrel.

    Can anyone recommend a gunsmith that can do a bead blast to obliterate these scratches, whilst matching the original satin finish? Don't want it looking too far from original as a very different finish may affect re-sale value.



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    It's vapour blasting you need. Neil Mckillop can get it done for you.

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    Chris i doubt very much that you will be able to match the factory bead blasted finish on your barrel, get the whole lot done mate, not so sure about vapour blasting, all examples i have seen have been a darker grey rather then the bright silver finish of the Sako, dry blasting with either stainless steel or glass beads will achieve this, does not need to be a gunsmith, i had my barrels done by a local blasting specialist with excellent results.


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