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    Hi I am a dear stalker I use .270 remington and .243 Sako synthetic rifles with home loads. What where and how can I customise these rifles to get greater accuracy at 200 yds range

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    As you are "dear" I would choose the cheaper option.

    Relax...., inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale half...hold... and then just squeeze.....

    Saves a fortune.


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    Hi Charlie,
    The world is your oyster so long as your pocket is deep enough. Virtually all parts of the rifle may be changed, in fact all there is left of my old remmie 700 is the action as the barrel, recoil lug, trigger, and stock have all been replaced.
    I would suggest you consider all of the rifles components in turn and choose the best options for you with each. You can start gently and change one part at a time or go the whole hog and change everything in one go. If you can get chance to handle components first (especially the stocks) before you choose then do so.
    How I tend to proceed is to first change the stock to something rigid and weatherproof such as a Mcmillan or HS precision (not the only good choices) and have the action glass bedded, the crown recut and the trigger tuned or exchanged for a jewell , CG millenium etc. I will then see how it shoots with the factory barrel. If the results are acceptable then I may choose to live with it but if still unsatisfactory (despite loading good concentric ammo) it is generally then a rebarrel job. I would look to buy the best quality barrel you can e.g. Krieger, Border, Brux, Lothar Walther, Bartlein, Shilen, Hart etc and have a really good smith fit it for you. When you rebarrel you can change calibre if you like (e.g the .270 could easily become a 25/06, 280 or 30/06 or even a wildcat such as a 6.5/284 or 280 Ackley). You can also change the weight and length of the barrel, the rate of twist (to suit a particular bullet weight) and even the dimensions of the chamber and throat (to suit particular bullets). Depending on how much effort you want to put into reloading you may elect for a tight neck chamber for example. The barrel could also be fluted to save weight and threaded to take the moderator of your choice. At this time as rebarreling some actions may benefit from being blueprinted... basically all of the critical faces (bolt face, action face, recoil lugs etc) are trued up to be either parallel or perpendicular to the axis of the bore. One option that may be more cost effective would be to start with a custom action such as a Lawton, Stiller, Surgeon etc right from the start (most of these will fit into a remington pattern stock).
    I think the key really is to think hard about your choices and find a riflesmith that really understands what you want of the rifle as they can guide you through your choices. There really are some great smiths out there but there are unfortunately some rogues too who wont stand behind their products. In your neck of the woods I can personally vouch for the work of Norman Clarke in Rugby as he rebarreled my semi custom Tikka (last group was 0.3 in with 180g round nosed speer bullets) and Redmist off this site (sorry mate!!) who built my latest on a blueprinted remmie action (first group 0.3 in and second group 1 in at 300yds with case forming loads) but Mike Norris seems to be popular and by reputation Baldie Dave from this site is pretty good too (there are also other good smiths out there so dont flame me for missing one!!). Also I would consider what scope you wish to use as the ability to see properly can make a huge difference to accuracy, especially at longer ranges. If you are looking to have a full custom rifle made for use up to say 300 yards I would look to use a S&B, Zeiss, Swarovski, Nightforce or possibly Leupold variable with a minimum power of 3-12 or preferably 4-16.
    Hope this helps


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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie111 View Post
    Hi I am a dear stalker I use .270 remington and .243 Sako synthetic rifles with home loads. What where and how can I customise these rifles to get greater accuracy at 200 yds range
    Smullery might have been most right!

    The Question of the Day is: How accurate are these rifles now?~Muir

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    You have posed an excellent question, and there are many angles to respond on. Hopefully by the time this thread runs its course the bulk of them will be covered off. One aspect of my shooting my 243 is my rifle fit. I don't think I am getting my head in as consistent a position as I should be. The following article has some thoughts on this.

    The second point that jumps out is to what level you have taken your reloading. Are you using only the best brass available? How seriously are you doing your load development? Some serious links below:

    Thirdly, picking up on smullery's point, moe243 shoots my rifles better than I can. Find folk that shoot better than you and try and work out how they do it and work on the areas that you need to improve on, then practice.

    Finally, all roads dent your pocket.

    Good luck. JCS

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    In order of least cost to the most, the areas I would work on are:

    1. Trigger. Must be clean, crisp and lightish, with NO creap. The Sako should be easily adjustable. The Rem might need replaced.

    2. Stock bedding. Get the action glass or devcon bedded into the current stock, if the stock is stiff enough.

    3. Get the barrel recrowned and threaded by someone who really knows how to do it.

    4. Replace barrel and or replace the stock.

    I will save Offroad Gary the bother and state, sell the bloody rifles and buy a Blaser with a few barrels.......

    I have a custom 260 built of a Sako 75 with everything suggested above done. My new Blaser straight out of the box kicks its ass with a unmoderated 30/06 barrel and a random handload. Pisses me off to some extent.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I am lucky enough to have had a close friend who happens to be an excellent gun smith / custom rifle builder. I went the custom route initially with 243 and 30.06 both with walnut stocks, Shillen barrels, engraving, colour case hardening, bedded barrels the whole nine yards...... As i moved away from bench / target shooting and spent more time stalking i quickly realised that i was ruining the rifles. So i chucked them in for Sako synthetics.

    The custom rifles were extremely accurate but I have to say that they were no more accurate at 200 / 300 yards than my Sako's. It's down to reloading and technique with most modern rifles, i dont think there are any inaccurate factory rifles around anymore.

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    The majority of rifles straight from the factory can shoot better than the guy on the end of them.

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    Am I the only one interested in the level of accuracy these rifles currently attain? Lots of good advice here but sometimes you shouldn't fix what isn't broken. Maybe different handloads are in order?~Muir

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    My riflesmith gave me a good answer when he sold me a rifle for 125 in 270Win. He said to me i have tweeked this rifle and with good homeloads it will shoot less than an inch at 200yds or I can build you one with all the best bits anyone makes that will shoot less than an inch at 200yds but it will cost you 1850 you choose.
    I just thought I would add the rifle I bought was a BSA Monarch first/first pattern made in the 1960's and has its original barrel
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