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    Hi Guys

    Just a few words to say hello.

    Have a few acres for stalking mainly Fallow and Roe and a little muntjac, Reside in Kent and travel around with my work , which is wildlife management and Rabbit fencing etc.

    Forum is excellent, plenty of information


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    Welcome aboard

    From one new member to another . I'am sure the rabbit fencing job must be booming !!

    Philip P

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    New Member

    Hi Philip p

    Rabbit population is going from strength to strength, probably because of the peak breeding cycle.

    Have been out deer spotting today, good day out with an picnic thrown in as well, original plans were the game fair this weekend, that got scuppered at the last fence.

    Will have to be the big one now the CLA.

    All the best


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    Welcome Phil,
    from another Kent resident. I'm sure you will find this site as helpful and informative as I have.



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    Hi Phil, welcome to the asylum from another new member


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