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Thread: Deerless?

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    Are there any parts of the mainland which remain deerless??

    From what I gather East Yorkshire was pretty much barren, apart from very occasional Fallow, until Roe moved down from the north during the sixties and seventies.

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    Yes south east kent. Anywhere east of Canterbury, there is not one deer.

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    I could tell that you were typing that with tears in your eyes Malc!

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    Well AndyL I have got used to it, but when you look at the huge amount of woodland between Hernebay and Canterbury, which extends right out past Canterbury, you would expect to see deer.

    NOT BLOODY ONE ANYWHERE Never mind, travel broadens the mind they say. My nearest bit is about 90 minutes away, although I have invites onto a bit near Canterbury. Nothing beats Scotland for stalking though, that is wild and open with no traffic, people, or houses, ehhh Mr B

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    There were parts of the east anglian fens that were void of deer not all that long ago but now the roe are taking hold fast and even the odd red in my area, l see roe on a daily basis without fail, strangly with the spread of muntjac like it is l do not see them that often on the fen and in the time that l have been a part time keeper on a fenland shoot l have only seen one CWD.

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    Your right on that score Malc! It really is the best stalking. I can't wait to get back up there.

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    The area where i live is pretty void of deer also, that is just north of sheffield. Ok, that is maybe going a little too far to say there is not one single deer around, but pretty much so

    I can count on one hand the amount of deer i have seen around my area in over 30 years.
    I often wonder why we haven`t got any, as we have got some good woodlands and plantations. Years ago, there used to be quite a good strong herd of reds that used to come down from the thick woodlands in winter to feed in the fields at the side of the road and i very nearly knocked a good stag down about 20 years ago now, but where they have gone who knows? There is one thing certain that because of the warm winters and lack of snow, any deer still there have no reason to come down looking for food where the cattle and sheep feed.

    Just up the motorway from me at the A1- M1 link you will find roe feeding on the side of the road, and then east into Lincs, south of Sheffield into Worksop and also Derbyshire, but right on my doorstep, no.

    If anyone knows differently in my area, it would be interesting to hear.

    PS, you are right Malcom, Scotland is beautiful to stalk in , just a pity it`s so far away.


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    I often wonder why we haven`t got any

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    I am not saying there won`t have been some type of deer crime committed at some point, but there have never been any great numbers around here, bob
    I think it`s more to do with the type of woodland and also the woodland corridors. After going to Beowulfs place a couple of times now and also other areas where i have shot, the conclusion that i can come up with is the lack of little blocks of woodland available so deer can move around and spread without too much trouble with the public, just guesswork i suppose.


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    In Devon overall there are a lot of deer, however, in the part where I live they (Roe) have only really taken off in the last 6 years or so, that is down I think to geographical reasons, rivers, motorways towns etc; Thirty years ago you would say there were virtually none at all and unless there is a way they can migrate into an area it takes a very long time for a population to esatablish itself, especially if there is a lot of predation, disturbance etc; Ther has been a sighting or two of Munties and a possible Fallow. All I would say is that keep hoping and hopefully they will gradually increase, but it will take time.

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