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Thread: Largest ever red

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    Largest ever red

    This is to me is a horrible site but some one wanted him i will bet he paid a pretty pennie to walk up and shoot that bold boy.

  2. #2'd be hard pressed to call it an attractive head though wouldn't you?
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    just read that thread with upmost interest
    i would like to know how much he paid for the privalage
    if i am right the same stag was sold for 10'000 dollars to the farm it was shot on only a fornight before
    if i am wrong , there is a bigger stag out there waiting for the right client to come along

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    Imagine trying g to mount it on you wall

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    I have to say I can think of a lot better things to spend ten grand on than a shot at a deer. I suppose as I have no interest in trophies I dont understand it.

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    Presumably you plan this when building a house and build the house around the head. Great for hanging cups in the Kitchen...

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    Sad that someone would consider that sport and sad that he'd imagine stalkers would admire his exploits. That animal is a poor reflection of the majestic beasts wild on the hill.

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    I would put money on the fact that it's a farm-bred stag, and I bet I could guess where he came from. Don't be fooled by the size though guys. He's certainly a big fella, but the two guys in the pic are about 8 ft behind the stags antlers!!

    I thought the world record was shot last year in Canada - from the Furzeland bloodline. Trophies is big business now, and it's more trophy collectors than trophy hunters.

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    Whats the world coming to,!!!!!!!!!


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    Jesus H Christ.

    I simply dont understand why you would want to kill something like that. To me its a bit like hunting a longhorn bull - WTF is the point?!

    Yours in disgust

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