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Thread: French VC Speedline

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    French VC Speedline

    So they are available already, who's put an order in for one in 300Win Mag?

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    It's quite possible that this rifle would be considered a semi-auto in the UK and therefore illegal. The fact that you need to press a button with your thumb between shots looks to me like a workaround for French legislation which prohibits removable magazines for semi-auto rifles and limits them to a capacity of two rounds.

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    I don't think it would be. It's just a lever release like the SGC ones. Christ the MARS VZ.58 uses the trigger to send the bolt in to battery; you pull once to fire and then again to load the next round, a third pull fires the rifle again.
    That has just been tested and approved as Secrion 1 and is faster than a lever release.
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