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    first aid

    I,ve noticed there hasn't been a lot of posts on first aid.

    Not wanting to be the harbinger of bad news but - i have had a lot of dealings with wilderness first aid - but most important thing even more than plasters and aspirin is - communication.

    No doubt where most people stalk phone signals are rare !!

    Just a reminder to people to have a plan - take plenty ammo (not hundreds of rounds obviously!!) but often gun shots are the only things that can be heard from a distance.

    Take a whistle - and a basic first aid kit.

    Most importantly - make sure people know when you will be back - and make sure you tell them you are !!

    Started a rescue plan last week only to find the lad had decided to go to the pub for a meal and not told anyone - then stayed to watch the live band !! - DOH!!

    If you are back from a stalk - Make sure people know - Please !!


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    Oops ,just look at the posts on P,L,B,s and Sat phones and the several posts on FAW+F and what would you do if you broke a bone,got lost or shot .Several recent post,s and loads of banter in the training course,s offered section.Its well covered m8 atb
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    Having, like yourself dm, been involved for a number of years with wilderness FA, second your assessment. First aid is predominantly risk assessment and risk management to obviate the need for bandages and sticking plasters.

    As you say communication, planning, and sticking to the plan avoids the need for emergency response.

    I do not know how to convince the nay-sayers who are convinced that it can never happen to them. They appear to be able to put the concept to the back of their consciousness in the belief that it will simply go away. I know from personal experience that this does not work and the consequences can be (and on occasion have been) fatal.

    The least we can all do when going out is to follow the advice you have given, ensuring that all parties stick to the agreed plan. It is not a sign of 'unmanliness' to prepare, it is pure common sense even if you personally can't stand H&S.

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    Our group of three, sometimes four, always outline our intended movements, and always stick to them.
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