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Thread: Vacuum sealer?

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    Vacuum sealer?

    Can anyone recommend me a vacuum sealer I can order off the internet please? I've just taken delivery of a whole pig and with another couple of small deer in the freezer I think I should get one of these contraptions to have a shot at my meat lasting properly in the freezer..

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    Hi J111 Two years ago I bought a V100 which was on promotion at a game fair. I have done loads of Fallow, Roe and Trout in sealed bags using it and I really rate it as a great piece of kit which definitely extends the life of food in a freezer. HOWEVER...... a word of warning; the bags you use are crucial! If, as I do, you use a chest freezer and have a wife who rummages for the joint she wants, then the frozen bags will clout each other and if the bags get bruised like this I find the vacuum seal leaks and air gets in allowing freezer burn to happen. I haven't found a bag yet that is thick enough to withstand this treatment because I have loads of bags I am using up.
    Hope this is helpful, given the bags problem I still wouldn't be without it............ The wife will have to go first..

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    i have one of these and it has done about 10 deer brilliantly:
    Andrew James High Quality Vacuum Food Sealer: Kitchen Home

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    +1 For the Andrew James, I have had one for years and have packed all types of meat,fish,fruit and veg. Which ever you go for make sure you use bags that are compatible with your vac packer.

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    the rolls of vacuum sleeve are more efficient and cheaper than the bags, that's my only comment here!

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    Monkey spanker recommended a fresh pack pro silent version around 90 quid , think they up in price a wee but now , had mine since November and a belting bit of kit ... Selling point was quiet & it has a small catch chamber for fluid /blood so doesn't go into pump .. Get the rolls from them too & they are "sous vide" compatible ... Can boil in bag ... Great for the hill or out all day ... Left over stew or like quick heat in camp pot open n eat


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    I have a FoodSaver Vacuum Packer. I bought it from John Lewis and then collected it from a nearby Waitrose. I'm fairly sure that John Lewis offer free delivery over 50 (this was 160) but it was more convenient to collect.

    I've used it for bresaola, chorizo, bacon, sausages and smoked salmon but nothing (yet) as big as a joint of meat. No reason at all why it shouldn't cope with it though.

    As EssexSussex has said, the rolls are cheaper than the bags. Slightly fiddlier (as one end needs to be sealed to convert a tube into a bag) but gives the flexibility on sizing.

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    Thanks guys. Have ordered an Andrew JAmes one. See how how it goes..

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