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    Anyone got a chrono the want to sell ? Like an chrony F1 or similar?

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    HI FoxPro,
    If Rimmie doesn't take your offer, I will like to buy your pro chrono
    Cheers Tikka595

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    By all means tikka, I can get a chrony F1 for 81.50 from a archery website, so il pass. Not having a dig, but I'm not wanting to spend that much.

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    PM sent

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    I've got an f1 chrony that's "had use" 40 still got the box and all the gubbins

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    Hi FoxPro
    haven't had any reply from you regarding ProChrono
    but sorted know..
    bought new
    Thanks Tikka595

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    Moose - do you still have the chrono, if so I may be interested. How good a condition is it? PM me if you want.
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    Selling a Caldwell premium ballistic chronograph for 75 +pp if anyone interested

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