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Thread: Ever Ready Lamp

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    Ever Ready Lamp

    B & M Bargains, here I was walking round B & M Bargains in Gateshead when I came across a pistol grip torch. Took a quick look they were made by EverReady and had a single LED and where on sale for eight pounds.
    I thought about it as I had wanted a suitable lamp for lamping rabbits but I decided to let this bargain go by as perhaps it would not be up to the job.
    Next time we went out lamping my mate said he had a new lamping light and was keen to try it out.
    As we crossed onto the shooting ground a laser beam of white light leapt across the field. I was impressed it was great nice narrow beam and well up to picking up a rabbit at a hundred yards. I had to have one of these. Its very light too as in not heavy he said handing it over. I swept the field and I loved this lamp, just four AA batteries lasts for ages he said.
    Where did you get it I asked and got the reply, eight quid from B and M Bargains.
    Well served me right I was gutted but determined to get one ASAP if the opportunity arose.
    A few weeks later while driving through the outskirts of Liverpool there on the opposite side of the carriageway was a B and M Bargains and I resolved to call on the way home. Sure enough a few hours later I pulled into the car park and entered the shop and sure enough they had some in, so I left a happy man.
    I put some batteries in at home and gave it a try walking the dog and was very pleased. I still have not had it lamping but have used it to find house names and numbers while responding at night and it has become my go to torch.
    If I see another I will be having another one.

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    A good "Heads Up". Thanks Tom!

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    B&M 's
    If your back in look round food stuffs , they sell grinders of various dry seasonings for 3 & quite big
    The salt chilli & garlic grinder is awesome ! Stuff on everything lately


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    Yes thats the one. I'll have a look at the seasonings too.

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    Oookay Tom270, on your recommendation, I today ventured into town to mingle with the great unwashed and sauntered into B&M Bargains to grab one of these torches.

    It looks pretty good to me. Seems fairly robust, has a non-slip grip and a reasonable output as far as illumination goes. It isn't a variable beam, but seems a good compromise in that department. There's a hole in the bottom of the handle so you can sling it about your neck, let it dangle, then grab it and point and pull the switch, using just the one hand. Then drop it and, of course it goes out. So handy. Not bad for 8.99, thanks.

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    Picked up a second lamp today, this time at Gateshead and got a salt chilli and garlic grinder, good day at the shops.

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    Yeah thanks for the heads up keep 1 in the car boot now good torch for the money reasonable beam for spotting too
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Theses torches are reduced down to 4.99 in my local b&m.
    Bought 1 today
    Maybe worth a check in your local store

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    You can't go wrong at 4.99

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