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Thread: CZ 452 American HMR

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    CZ 452 American HMR

    HMR in good condition with 4-9x40 ir scope (microdot) and moderator. Please note the bipod isn't included in the sale. There are a few minor marks on the wood but nothing major. If you'd like any more pics or more info please PM me. I'm happy to rfd at cost too.

    I'm looking for 275 please

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    I know Legolas, and this will be a good setup for someone, at a very good price.

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    What make is the scope?
    Is this the heavy barrel?

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    Hi Daban, the scope is made by microdot. I'm afraid I don't know if it's heavy barrel or not, if someone can point me in the right direction as how to check I will do so.

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    I think all the American models are a medium profile barrel as they are designed for walking varminting wich the American market seem to like.
    the Cz varmint has the heavyer shorter barrel personally I think the American is a better all rounder!
    the varmint makes a great truck gun I don't think it makes a hoot wich profile barrel you have as with all cz' as longe as its looked after it will be a shooter!!!

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    I think this is the normal profile barrel, I have the varmint version and could put a set of calipers on it tomorrow if it's any help. Ps I don't think it makes any difference either, just more weight to carry in the varmint version, cracking guns.

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    Thanks for the info Tuck 1

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    My apologies, I had forgotten about this thread and my offer to measure the diameter of my varmint barrelled CZ. If it is still required please let me know and I will dig out the calipers.

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    Thanks for the offer mate, I thinks it's a normal profile so no need to bother. Thanks again.

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