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Thread: .204 Ruger brass wanted.

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    .204 Ruger brass wanted.

    Looking for .204 Ruger brass, cheers.

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    Anyone got any? cheers.

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    are you after new stuff or once fired ?

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    Prefer new, but will consider any.

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    The only way I found to get decent 204 brass is to get your RFD to order you in a 100 rounds of Norma ammo, shoot them up and re-use the brass.

    It will be no more expensive than buying new brass - if you can find any.

    I happened upon 100 pieces of Hornady brass, which is not bad, but needs a full work up before first use.

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    try reloading solutions at Kidlington Oxfordshire

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    Cheers guys, i'll try them bob.I would much prefer some norma brass than hornady really, but will go with whats available at the moment.

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    Dauntsey guns in wiltshire have some nosler brass in stock

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