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Thread: Do Pine Martens take pheasants?

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    Do Pine Martens take pheasants?

    If they do someone needs to have a word with these two. Over in the corner of the garden my wife has a bird feeding station, it is protected by a windbreak and a couple of small trees, which makes it a bit more tricky for the Sparrow hawks. She puts these balls of fat into a conical contraption; the woodpeckers are quite fond of them. However also is this little sod, and has turned the place into his own private gymnasium.

    He was just getting warmed up last evening when he had a visitor,

    I thought now he will be putting pheasant on the menu as he came down to ground level, she just looked at him and carried on

    Next he takes to the high ground, planning his attack thinks I, as he nonchalantly feigns interest in a branch

    Then he casts a longing look back to the balls of fat

    Makes his choice and starts his climb

    She loses all interest and he comes back down to see her off.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    If I hadn't seen the photos I wouldn't have believed it! I've only ever seen Pine Martens in books, but those photos have nothing on the character of your visitor, great job!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    It would appear not.

    But then again

    I'd suggest it depends on how hungry they are, also it would have to burn x amount of energy chasing/killing the Pheasant but it has a meal on the offering without having to do anythng accept climb up to it.

    As several on here can vouch for, Sheila does a good mealso I can see where the Pine Marten is coming from.
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    we used to have trouble with stoats in the pheasant pens,mainly poults but sometimes full grown birds caught against the wire so i should imagine the much larger pine maartin would have no problem taking one

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    Had them take birds from release pens, they don't just take one they go on a killing spree.

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    I am with bogtrotter on this one. They will create havock in pheasant pens. I was looking forward to a little tustle as the photos went on.

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    With out doubt they are veracious preditors but like all they will take what is easier nice photos but i would think if you stop feeding the fat then he will have the pheasant in a fleeting moment.

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    Don`t mess with Mustelids, they are evil swine.
    I had a Stoat get into one of my avairies at my old house many years ago, it killed a Parrakeet and dragged it into the hole.
    One day shortly afterwards I was looking out of the rear window of the house and saw it pass alongside the bottom fence and disappear into my compost heap.
    I got out my Browning trap-gun and crept outside and waited for ages and at last it appeared re-tracing its previous route.
    A dose of seven shot settled its hash but also wrecked a climbing rosebush which grew along the fence.
    I opened up the compost heap and found a nest with four youngsters. Over my fence was a small stream so I lobbed them into a deep pool to test their swimming capabilities, all failed the test !
    I never saw its mate and lost no more birds.

    Yours John is possibly a fat , well fed rascal on `cunning mode` thinking that the nice hen pheasant will probably bring nine or ten tasty chicks along for a visit.

    ZAP IT !

    HWH on `kill,kill` mode.

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    A Pine Marten systematically wiped out all of my mother in laws hens and cockerells, one a day for a week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickJ View Post
    A Pine Marten systematically wiped out all of my mother in laws, one a day.
    Now does that not look better

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