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Thread: Fridge Hanging queries- temperatures & timings

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    Fridge Hanging queries- temperatures & timings

    At last I have got hold of a commercial type drinks fridge (with internal fan) and converted some copper pipe rails so I can hang S hooks from the top. I have to admit I have butchered lots of roe after a very brief 'cooling' hang only in the workshop, and have always found the meat tender and delicious without any hanging time at all. That was the past, but aside from the apparent (hopefully!) improvement in meat quality, the ability to safely hang/ chill through the summer season will make for much less stress in the mornings as I struggle to butcher the carcass into joints and get it into the house fridge after a successful stalk, and still get to work on time!

    Some questions on hanging etc- NB this is for home consumption only:

    As I understand it, I should let the beast cool naturally (not at under 10C, but what would be the ideal temp?) for the first 12 hours or so- presumably in the fridge on a low setting (I have a fridge thermometer)
    Then say 6-8C for 4 or 5 days then butcher and freeze
    Does it make any difference if I hang it longer & cooler or shorter & warmer (assuming always under 8C)? Thinking of the 40C days formula I have read about in this sub forum.
    Presumably you always hang in the skin.

    Since I have not previously been hanging, I have not previously washed out the chest cavity. Presumably I should now do that. The water is from our spring, not treated (to the outbuildings) but I would drink it. Can I use that water? Its cold only.

    I have always packed the meat into the freezer in freezer bags- will vacuum packing be an improvement?

    Many thanks

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    You should get the deer to 7C and keep it at or under that temp, how long you hang it for is up to you,I hang mine for 6 to 7 days open your chiller each day for a minute or so I also put a plastic tray under the deer to catch and blood draining of, makes it easier to clean the chiller
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    I hang mine in the skin for a week, with the fridge set to 4C. To be honest, I suspect that within reasonable limits how long one hangs them has precious little effect on the taste of the meat, though I haven't really experimented. I don't wash the chest cavity, as I feel that cleaning it out with paper towel gets it nice and clean and you're less likely to get any mould growth. My fridge has a little fan, but I open the door each day anyway and swing it about a bit to get some fresh air in there.

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